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PostSubject: efgwtgewgew   Wed Jun 13, 2012 10:01 pm

Arashi, Magato.


Name: Arashi, Magato
  • Momo
  • "Cash"
  • Kusagakure's Hired Gun


    In this endeavor, we have a man who feels as if he has nothing left to lose. Where once he may have been a man of an entirely different character, he has long since been consumed by the nature of an impossible task. His vengeance. His revenge. His entire life has been devoted to the settlement of a score. Driven to the shadows to complete his dark task, he is perhaps a man corrupted by the very shadows he hides within. To those on the receiving end of his hatred he must certainly be seen as an infidel, a rebel, a terrorist. Yet to some he might exist as symbol for the opposite; a revolutionary, a sign of uprising. Of course, as it is with all things, the representation of this shinobi appears to be whatever the viewer can interpret, be it an external viewpoint or an internal one from the man himself.

    Magato is quite difficult to pin down; at times, he is the true personification of the Chaotic Neutral Alignment. Whilst other times he seems to be wholly good with an inherent distaste for all things lawful and even still there are periods, in which he can only be the darkest denizen of the shadows, evil and unpredictable in all its glory. In terms of his task, his only true goal in life, he could be described as the chaotic neutral alignment only in the sense that he is willing to do anything to bring about the downfall of the current order.

    Prior to current events, Magato could have been described as a very different man, although perhaps he had always held this dark passenger, which now drives his hopeless goal rooted in his own deep-seated need for self-destruction. It cannot be said that Magato did not have his darkness, much as he still currently is ruled by now, it was merely tapered by more positive aspects of his personality, which currently are buried in his quest. It could only be said that he was a man whom was very dedicated to whatever task that was set before him, gifted with a naturally high aptitude, and an unshakeable sense of calm, he did not often fail any goal he set for himself. Much like he exists currently, he lived and lives as a minimalist; possessing a remarkably few amount of material possessions. Believing only in the pursuit of his chosen interest of the moment, he has always found that it is best not to be tied down with the weight of worldly possessions.

    Magato is perhaps a frighteningly driven individual with an impressively one-track mind. This is to say, once his mind has been set on a task or goal, he will not waver until he has sufficiently completed it to his own rather high standards. When you couple this driven nature with the young man’s constant curiosity and quest for knowledge, you must certainly understand how he has acquired a most impressive base of knowledge and understanding. Always he has possessed a innate intelligence and capacity to understand beyond that of a great many, setting him apart from others with his high aptitude and ability to learn and improvise quickly and under high stress. These natural gifts of intelligence, curiosity, and aptitude have given Magato a rather interesting and unique philosophical viewpoint on both life and battle. "The world is the chessboard , the pieces are the phenomena of the Universe, the rules of the game are what we call the laws of Nature and the player on the other side is hidden from us” That simple statement describes Magato's outlook on life. The world is the board, it's shapes all fitting into the shape, it's environment effecting the people . People are the pieces, the hand moving them is guided by emotions, their motives never clean, pulled into play by primal desires. Any interaction with other's is dictated in strategy like a game of chess, every move in every situation is important. Battle even more so fits this mantra, every move made should be one planned stiffly, but with enough room left for adjustments as to compensate for unforeseen events. He appears also to be extremely intelligent and a brilliant tactician who almost never seems to be prepared for any thinkable and unthinkable circumstances. It is perhaps an omniscient or omnipotent way to view things and most certainly an arrogant viewpoint, but given Magato’s skillset and training, it has come to be his own mantra of sort, guiding every aspect of his life.

    Further Magato is honest to god riddled with a great deal of “negative personality traits and attitude problems” as according to his personality field test. He is narcissistic, self-obsessed, conceited and is hindered by trust issues and a dark attitude, trademarked by a sardonic and sarcastic sense of humor, edge with a bitterness and shined with a touch of hating the world. He is far from your cheerful, happy go lucky shinobi, rather he is not only dark, but also moody and at times depressing. This attitude has been with him since a very young age and cannot be singularly attributed to the amount of shit he has seen during his chosen shinobi career path.

    Despite his own personal demons, or perhaps because of them, Magato is surprisingly a very adept at dealing with people, even though he his not honestly a ‘people person’. In many ways he may seem to be rather introverted, reasoning that he has a developed hate for humanity in general, yet this does not stop him from being very adept and smooth in his dealings with his fellow man. When he wants to be, Magato can be quite smooth, drenching himself in an almost suffocating amount of charm, mixed with a subtle amount of manipulation to accomplish whatever task of which he has use of them.

    If it were to be delved further into, his Psych Evaluation would mention his distinct state of attachment and seemingly apathetic and indifferent nature when confronted with environmental and psychological stimuli, ranging from simple interaction to dealing with situations which should provoke an intense emotional response. Yet it cannot be determined if this is due to a sociopathic nature or simply because Magato has become very adept at concealing not only his true motives but also almost every feeling for the sake of his missions or tasks.

    Bearing that in mind it is rather uncommon for Magato to form close personal relationships, in fact the few people that he has been honestly close to is quite few and far between. Namely noted to be one person in the span of his early teen through adult life, in terms of most people he merely finds himself incapable of establishing the empathetic bond which would be required for any legitimate personal connection. Thus it is highly common for him to be seen as the lone wolf/loner type that he is and many people might just find him rather difficult to trust because of this. However, it was this series of traits that Magato particularly inclided towards dangerous ‘emotionally compromising’ missions such as assassinations or covert infiltration, the likes of which might just require him to develop a whole new identity for the course of the event; an act which might cause numerous psychological problems for others, Magato could perform with ease.

    It should be known that even when Magato owed his allegiance to Kumogakure, he never truly aligned himself with the village. He knew how regimes could fall, allegiances could be bought. Hell, he had probably brought down a few in his line of work. That being said, Magato is capable of realizing, unlike a great deal of the members of Kumogakure, that the will of lightning, is not infallible. He understands, much as he has been taught to, that the leaders of all regimes are capable of fallacy and it is because of this that Magato simply follows the will of the village until he finds something which could he could better benefit from.
    Truthfully, the only person Magato found he could maintain a long term, emotional connection with was his younger sister Ayame. She was such a child that she could always bring out the light buried in his perceived dark nature. With her Magato would seem like an entirely different person, happier, lighter, seemingly more caring. In a sense, she was his true weak point and it was her that brought about Magato’s ending with her own assassination.

Clan: Kobayashi Clan
  • “When honor and the Law no longer stand on the same side of the line, how do we choose?”
  • 'To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards of men.'


Affiliation: Missing Nin
Rank: B Rank-Chuunin
Specialties: Ninjutsu [Dom] Weaponry- Ranged/Bladed[Sub]
Elemental Affinities: Storm- Water/Lightning
Combat Style:How does one fight when they place no value on their self and all value on the pursuit of their goal? And yet we also must intermingle the same qualities with someone who is of sound strategically mind. Bearing these two prime attributes of Magato in mind, one can derive that his combat style relies on a dangerously reckless and borderline suicidal attacks and yet it is pivoted with the intention that these attacks will always put Magato at a better advantage.

Magato utilized his naturally fine-tuned clan techniques primarily in conjunction with weaponry to inflict maximum damage. His primary method of delivering attacks is through the usage of his clan arts in conjunction with a bow or a blade to deliver unpredictable laser and lightning based attacks from a distance or from close quarters combat if need be.

Special Characteristics:



Roleplay Sample:


Jutsu, Weaponry, Items etc.

Character Claim: Fuyumine Magato

Source: Dogs: Bullets & Carnage

Image URL: http://www.zerochan.net/353852
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PostSubject: Re: efgwtgewgew   Mon Jun 25, 2012 3:57 am

“Cause I make little lies and then I pull them apart
Think something dark's living down in my heart”


NAME: Arashi , Magato
  • Kumo's Dancing Blade(Renowned Title)

AGE: 17
  • PHYSICAL: Were Hotaka to stand in the nude before you would perhaps first notice is the nature of his eyes. The two round orbs, positioned in his face to compliment the angular nature of his face possess a frightening blue glow. Cool, serene, deep, soulful, piercing, steely, soft, shining, twinkling; all these words could be used to describe Hotaka’s deep blue eyes, as well as calm, somber, intelligent, lively, elegant, and captivating. His eyes vary in color, ranging from a dark to light blue or perhaps even a dull gray depending on the day and despite their tendency for a bright color, they always hold a rather cold look within them, almost empty of emotion at most times. Behind the cold glare there is always the hidden burn of curiosity as the eyes which absorb any and all they come across. Although his eyes seem mostly void, the rare flare of emotion may appear when the feeling is particularly strong, these flares bringing more color to his eyes as they appear to be a a metaphorical flame within his iris. Without this flame of emotion, Hotaka expression seems to have a dead and dark look which many may find quite unnerving.



CLAN: --



ORIGIN: Water Country, Kirigakure no Sato
AFFILIATION: Kumogakure no Sato Misssing Nin
RANK: Nukenin [C-Rank]
  • MAIN: Taijutsu
  • SUB:Weaponry-Bladed/Ranged

  • MAIN: Raiton[Lightning Release ]
  • SUB: Fuuton [Wind Release]


Improved Speed:








    CHARACTER CLAIM: Orihara Izaya
    SOURCE: Durarara!!
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