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PostSubject: WIP RLES   Sun Oct 23, 2011 11:55 pm

[ The Rules ]

Welcome; one and all to Shinobi Reality, a Role Playing Forum in the setting of Naruto as written by Masashi Kishimoto. We, the friendly staff of this RP gladly welcome you with open arms to our site and hope that you have a long and fun-filled stay. To encourage a friendly, fair and quality roleplaying environment, the staff has set a number of general rules which should be followed to keep the forum functioning without issue. These rules are openly and clearly available for everybody to read which means there should not be an excuse to break them. These rules weren't carefully structured to have you disregard and/or disobey them. Please abide by them to the best of your abilities, or risk suffering a variety of consequences.

-Table of Contents-
General Rules:
Chatbox Rules:
Roleplaying Rules:
Infraction System:

Created by Lifeanddeath ©
Additional Contributers: N/A
Property of Shinobi Reality ©
All Rights Reserved. ©

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