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PostSubject: Bijuu   Fri Sep 09, 2011 11:01 pm


Shukaku | Open
Nibi | Open
Sanbi | Open
Yonbi | Open
Gobi | Open
Rokubi | Open
Shichibi | Open
Hachibi | Open
Kyuubi | Open

Hate... angst... jealously... anger... rage... lust... malevolence... vindictive... and wicked. The nine tailed beasts in existence were once one and the same. The ten-tailed beast was once an aggregate form of all of these creatures combined into one living being. It was said that it possessed the strongest type of chakra in existence, its powers beyond that of all tailed beasts seen separately. Even as the Sage of Six Paths sealed the creature into himself and became the first Jinchuuriki, the ten-tails power was so great that even in death it would just release itself and its power upon the world again. Dividing its power up into nine tailed beasts, he unleashed the rest of the demons onto the world thus saving it from the terrific might of the ten-tails. With the power of his body and his legendary Rinnegan, the Sage of Six Paths was able to seal the ten-tails body away into what is known today as the moon. It lies there and in the world forever broken up into nine pieces to never see the light of day as its original form again...

Each tailed beast possesses its own special characteristics that make it unique to itself and unique as a part that once was the ten-tails. Village after village, generation after generation and person after person have all laid down their time, effort, knowledge and even lives to create a way to harness the power of a these nine tailed beast. Many have fallen at failed attempts to seal the creature with forbidden kinjutsu, not counting the many innocent lives that were lost when a tailed beast has managed to break free and wreak its hatred upon the a village. Some of these creatures roam free while others have been found in specific parts of the shinobi world causing destruction at their own whim. Even though these chakra monsters are definitely beasts in every sense of the word, they posses a mind and a conscious just as any other person does and are capable of speaking and interacting -though normally in bloody ways- with people. Some tailed beasts prefer to keep to a more feral nature and destroy anything that comes in its path without resorting to communication but there are tailed beasts that are highly intelligent creatures: something that makes them even more dangerous. These creatures are far from being docile in any form or fashion as they exist as embodiments of evil itself.
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