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 Conflict stuff

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PostSubject: Conflict stuff   Mon Aug 29, 2011 4:28 pm

Upon conquering each territory, the conquering village will receive a piece of an item. There are 4 items in total; a scepter, a crown, a belt, and a dagger. Each item will give the village a special bonus, be it increased salary, a new S-Rank slot, etc.

The way the items work is that a village needs every piece of the item for the bonus to take effect. Each piece is scattered across the shinobi continent. The village MUST remain in complete control of the territory the item was found in as well for the bonus to stay in effect. This is because each piece of the item has been tied into the land after residing there for so long.

Once a territory comes under assault from an enemy village or organization, the group that owns the territory has 5 days (IRL) to show that they still have dominance over the area, otherwise the piece will teleport back to the territory, and remain hidden until the area is reconquered by the first group, or taken over by another group. At this point, the item will become visible to whichever group controls the area, and remain under their control until the same thing happens again.

Once a village has 2 or more pieces, a smaller bonus effect will take place, something on the scale of a very small salary increase, etc.

If a village owns two full items, they will receive the effects of both items, and a bonus effect resulting from the combination of the two items. (Dagger and scepter will have a different effect than dagger and belt).
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Conflict stuff
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