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 Earth Grudge Fear

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PostSubject: Earth Grudge Fear   Wed Aug 17, 2011 6:00 pm

Name: Jiongu
Type:: Ninjutsu
Rank: S-Rank

Abilities Gained: The Jingou gives the user a multitude of abilities, ranging from near immortality to a unique jutsu type that no one else can replicate.

The near immortality is granted by the ability of the Jingou to incorporate other hearts into the users body, allowing them a much longer life span depending on the rank of the shinobis hearts being used. The stronger the shinobi, the longer the life span granted to the user. The multiple hearts also reduce the risk of damage to any one heart; the more hearts, the less strain placed on one and thus the less chance of having a heart rupture. Once a heart is destroyed, it must be replaced.

A second advantage of each heart is that it allows the user to utilize the dominant element of the dead shinobi. Advanced elements cannot be gained this way.

The Jingou threads also allow the user to utilize them in combat, in a similar manner to the Nara’s shadow sewing jutsu, but much more effective as they do not need shadows to exist, and are not required to remain explicitly on the ground of a flat surface.

There can only be 5 hearts total that a Jingou user can obtain and utilize.

As a Jingou user has the capability to take opponents hearts, and add them to their body to increase their life span, grant them near immortality, and allow them more elemental jutsu, as well as being able to reattach limbs to other people, it is not a stretch to say that the users can do the same to himself, adding more organs if necessary, limbs, etc.

Each heart has the ability to detach itself and move and function as a separate being. When this occurs, each heart has the chakra capacity of the the rank of the shinobi killed. (Aka is the heart is from a genin, it has a genin's level chakra by itself.) When the hearts are residing in the body, the user gets chakra equal to how many hearts they have. Each heart, when attached to the body, gives the user an extra A-Rank of chakra, totaling to 5 A-Ranks with 5 hearts.

Disadvantages: The bearer is required to obtain any and all body parts In RP.

Other Effects: The user of Jingou has constant scars across his body, and stitch marks from where limbs have been reattached and healed over time. The user is also slightly crazy, speaking to himself sometimes and more often than not has multiple, pointless fears.

Other Information:


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Earth Grudge Fear
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