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 Promotion System

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PostSubject: Promotion System   Wed Aug 17, 2011 5:26 am

Promotion System:

Nearly everyone wishes to rank up at some point in their ninja career. For those who do, this is the system for you. In order to rank up it is obvious that there will be requirements an rper must meet in order to do so. Some of these requirements may seem fairly easy and others not. For the most part you should just see for yourself.

Genin -> Exp. Genin:
  • Must gain 50 DP through role playing.
  • 4 D-Rank and 3 C-Rank missions required to be promoted.
  • Kage Approval

Exp. Genin -> Chuunin:
  • Must gain 100 DP through role playing.
  • D-Rank, 3 C-Rank, 1 B-Rank missions required.
  • Must pass Chuunin Exams or impress Kage.

Chuunin -> Special Jounin:
  • Must gain 150 DP through roleplaying.
  • 6 D-Rank, 6 C-Rank, 4 B-Rank missions required.
  • Kage Approval.

Special Jounin -> Jounin:

  • Must gain 150 DP through roleplaying.
  • 8 C-Rank, 6 B-Rank, 3 A-Rank missions required.
  • Kage Approval.

Jounin -> Advanced Jounin:
  • Must gain 200 DP through roleplaying.
  • 12 B-Rank, 8 A-Rank missions required.
  • Kage Approval.

Advanced Jounin -> Elite Jounin:
  • Must gain 350 DP through roleplaying.
  • 15 B-Rank, 12 A-Rank, 2 S-Rank missions required.
  • Kage Approval.

Elite Jounin -> Sannin:
  • Must gain 550 DP through roleplaying.
  • 15 A-Rank, 6 S-Rank missions required.
  • Kage Approval.

What to do when seeking a Promotion

First off you need to ask a mod to move your current application to the creation section for modification. When you request an application to be moved please include any links as well. To help us out just link your Public Profile page and state what you need changed. We can then evaluate your application, move it, and allow you to edit as needed. Once you have finished please post a “Completion Bump” so we know you’re done.

When editing you will need to update these items:
(if you need help please see the Guide)
  • Rank
  • History
  • Age
  • Appearance (if necessary)
  • Other (in case you wish to edit the personality section, etc)

We also ask that you please bear in mind that we have some editing restrictions. This is so we can prevent 12 year old S ranks running around and more.

    1. You must edit your history. Include events between your last edit and now.

    2. Minimum age for ranks are as followed: C rank = 13, B Rank = 14, A Rank = 16, and S Rank = 18. If there is an issue with this please take it up with the staff and include a legit reason as to why you shouldn’t have to change your age.

    3. You may add the additional jutsu for free as stated

    4. You must train any new specialties or elements

    5. You may add 1 additional special characteristic from the mental section without training (of the equivalent rank or below)

Happy Ranking!

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Promotion System
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