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 Basic Rules NMWA

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life and death


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PostSubject: Basic Rules NMWA   Sun Mar 13, 2011 8:00 pm

Commandments of Nightmare

The following list of rules is law, each of the rules must be followed and any break from them is subject to varying punishments. The following Rules are all general site rules, which must be followed and may or may not include rules for the chat, creation, RPing and chatbox. Their is no excuse for not knowing these rules, as everyone should have read them. Each rule will be further explained bellow. [Staff Reserves the right to update list as needed.] (If you believe anything should be added, notify a staff member and it will be discussed.)

  • The golden rule of The Board, Respect all Members. Respect yourself, your peers, and the staff. There may be times when someone posts something you disagree with or think is stupid, but that is no reason to start an argument. Also, as a member you should respect that the members from this forum are subject to the many diverse situations of the world and as such, you should not insult their race, gender, sexual preference and/or religion. Ageism, Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Xenophobia or any other form of discrimination is strictly forbidden.

  • It is a given that from time to time people will rub each other and an argument will break out. For the sake of other members, it is asked that arguments are kept as privately as possible, with minimal involvement from outside parties.[Excluding Staff] If the issue is RPing related, a staff member with help sort it out and if the issue is a personal matter it is hoped that it can be sorted out and the members can go back to RPing peacefully. While it is not forbidden to discuss 'touchy' topics such as politics or religion, let it be known that if an argument breaks out, staff will intercede. Also note that if one member of said discussion wishes to stop, then the topic should be dropped.

  • While I myself dont particularly care about the rating, for the sake of other members please keep all content at a PG-13 level unless otherwise stated. This rating applies to posts, chat box language/discussions and/or images posted on the forum. Adult Topics [Including, Heavy Violence, Language or Sex] should be marked with a tag in the title. For example: A Silent Night[Heavy Language] or A Fateful Meeting[Adult Content]. Also, while a little swearing is okay, if you are constantly swearing then you will be asked to stop.

Member & Staff Relations:
  • In a larger sense, as a member, you are expected to obey staff decisions and the rules. However we recognize that the staff is human and as such, they do not know everything and they do make mistakes. If you disagree with a Moderator/Admin on a decision based on your application then you should politely discuss the issue with said Moderator/Admin. If the issue become out of hand a higher ranking staff member may step in and make a verdict regarding the issue in question.

  • Also note that the Staff are people and just like everyone else, they have school, work, family, friends, relationships as well. And as a result, they may not be able to check your application right away due to different issues, while this does mean it may take longer for your application to be looked over, it does not mean you may constantly ask and/or bug the staff to check your application, this includes via the chatbox or PM. In order to assure your application is checked, you may bump it every 24 hours and if the application is not checked within 5 or more days you may ask or PM a staff member to look it over.

Member Expectations:
  • The Members are what make any great RP site thrive. As a member of the site, it is primarily expected that once you join you will remain active. So, what is considered 'active'? That you create a character and Role Play at least twice a week. Posting in Off-RPG areas does not mean you are active. It only means you're here to chat and not role play, something that this site is not based off of.

  • As a member you are also expected to respect others creativity and not plagiarize.

  • It would be extremely helpful towards the staff and other members if you maintain basic knowledge of the site and terms, this includes keeping updated with the rules and understanding important terms.

  • Have Fun

  • Do not CAPTILALIZE, bold, italicize, underline, blind, size, or font your posts in a manner that we can not read. (Do not capitalize, bold, italicize, underline, blind, size, or font your posts in a manner that we can not read.) Please. Use common sense on this one: if we can't read it, we won't read it. Its okay if you do it for small sections of your posts, but if you do it for your whole entire post it hurts the eyes and no one will actually read it. It's just wasting your time and our time. If you're going to change the font for the whole post, please keep it to a readable font like Arial or Times New Roman; and if you're going to change the size for the whole post go up or down one size only. Everything else should be common sense.

  • Additionally, do not post one liners. The only place you could post one liners and get away with it is in the general discussion in spam topics. That place is meant for one liners and spam and what not. But everywhere else you should give at least a paragraph or if you can't do that, two sentences. Don't just put something like 'I don't like it.' or 'I love this idea.'.

  • Also, please try to use proper grammar when posting at all times (unless its in general discussion, spam topics). And this should be obvious, but type in English please. It doesn't help at all if you're typing in a language we can't understand. (And quite frankly, if you can't type in English or read English... we are wondering why you are here in the first place. You don't have to know it well, just enough so that you can RP with other people.) Use a spellcheck! (And don't you dare counter with 'I don't have spellcheck.' You have access to the Internet; therefore, you have access to an online spellchecker. USE IT!)

  • Remember! Hit preview before you post things and just skim through your post. Fix errors, and change things if it looks weird, too small, too big, unreadable, etc. The old excuse of 'I didn't know it'd look like that.' isn't acceptable at all when you have a preview option. So add in those periods, commas, question marks, and quotation marks.

  • Also keep in mind that holding a higher rank, while it does grant more power, also requires a higher post count.


  • Currenly you are only allowed one character.[This will change once we gain more members]
  • Only one account per person, those found using multiple accounts will be punished. [If you and a sibling or other family member RP from the same IP address, then you should inform the staff to avoid undeserved punishment.]
  • No account sharing.

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life and death


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PostSubject: Re: Basic Rules NMWA   Sun Mar 13, 2011 8:12 pm

As well as other RP sites, there are a set of rules which we all must abide by to make RPing the best for everyone. To give you the best experience here on the board, we have devised a list of easy rules which will make RPing here great. These rules will ensure that everyone has a fair chance at RPing and is treated equally.

Role-Play Rules
  • Post Size. Some people can't burst out a 800 word post every time. The situation in topics changes frequently and it's hard to keep a set amount of words. However, in no circumstance are you allowed to post a one liner. Don't even try to think up of an excuse. The minimum requirement is at least 150 words. It is greatly encouraged that you try to exceed the minimum

  • Post Order: Post order is based on a first come first served basis. Meaning if I were to make a topic and 'Bob' were to post in it, then 'Sara' posted after 'Bob' we would have to continue the order of Me, Bob, then Sara. Posting order MUST be maintained. The only exception being if a user falls inactive for 3+ days and/or it is agreed upon by all members within the thread.

  • God-Modding. Do not god-mod. You cannot be all powerful. Your character will have weaknesses and limitations that prevent it from doing certain things. Not god modding also means you cannot control the actions of other RP characters within threads.

  • Meta-Gaming. Do not meta game. Simply put, meta gaming is knowing something that your character doesn't know, whether it be about the zombies or another character's history.

  • Power-Playing. If you're a really good RPer or fighter you really won't do this. You won't power-play on another character. Power-playing is essentially like god modding. People that power-play make their attacks seems like they are extremely powerful and can't be dodged or blocked by their opponent. This is not allowed and will get you into serious trouble. If you have a technique and you use it on a level that it shouldn't be used on and try to power-play your self into winning a battle or mission you will be punished.

  • Controlling timeThe time in an individual topic is dependent on the one who created the topic. If the creator did not state the time or even hint at a time, the next poster may do so. Until the time is established by someone its up for grabs, after that you must comply to whatever time someone chose.

    Do note that in most RPs, the time is very different from real life. In fights, the longer the battle progresses the less and less the time frame gets. Attacks are now happening in minutes and seconds rather than two or three minutes at a time. So be extremely careful in how you word things. In fighting topics what you type can determine whether you live, die, or abuse the rules. In conversational RPs this really isn't that big of a deal, since this can usually be edited quite easily with little harm, but in fighting topics? No. Generally, when you misuse time you have to rewrite your whole entire post and the other person has a better idea of what to expect, so to save yourself the trouble, arguing, and so forth, please, please, please remember that in fights you have less and less control of time. If you ever want to confirm on the time in an RP, OOC it, ask it on the CB, or through a PM.

    This rule does not apply to the setting though. If you started an RP and didn't explain the area in detail and your opponent does so in a way that is to their advantage before you do it is completely fair. You'll just have to deal with it. So, before you come complaining that someone's controlling the time and setting, make sure you didn't just forget to describe the time and setting and they just took advantage of that.
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life and death


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PostSubject: Re: Basic Rules NMWA   Sun Mar 13, 2011 8:29 pm

Rank System: The members of the site are all grouped by rank. This rank determines the capabilities and skill sets of your character. As you role play, your character will progress in rank and as such gain more abilities.

Bare Basics [0-20 promotion points]: Small weaponry such as baseball bats, knives, spears. Basic medical knowledge is here as well where Advil, applying pressure to wound and removing bullets are here

Hijacker [20-50 promotion points]: Motorbikes are able to be hotwired and cars that have keys are able to be taken

Rookie Marksman [50-70 promotion points]: Small wepons such as pistols are able to be fired with ease. 5 shooters and 9mm guns are at your disposal now! Close range guarentees kills. Medical experiences let you use more uncommon medical items. Medical kits can be added to your kits

Wheel Man [70-90 promotion points]: Any car or van can be hot wired now from previous electrical experiences

Medium Weaponry [90-110 promotion points]: Shot guns and assault rifles are able to be shot with more precision. Most shots are able to kill or injure from medium range.

Under barrel Weaponry [110-130 promotion points]: Bayonets are great choices when it comes to under barrel weaponry. Nothing saves bullets more than getting close with a bayonet and taking them out easily. Of course risk of biting is likely but puts range between enemies with melee attacks

Beginner Marksman [130-150 promotion points]: 75% of long range shots can hit their mark. Sniper rifles are able to be used but practice is needed. Medical experience increases

Marksman[150-170 promotion points] : 90% of long range hits their mark. Rifles are easier to use

Hunter: [170+ promotion points]: Able to hang with the big boys! Killing is easier and faster and small clumps of 'Them' are easier to take care of

[list]Promotion Points and How to Get Them:

Promotion points are the 'currency' of increasing rank. Simply put, the more you post, the more promotion points you get and thus, the more promotion points you have, the higher your rank.

Promotion points are given at a rate of 1 PP per 100 words within a post. [posts under 100 words do not gain PP]
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PostSubject: Re: Basic Rules NMWA   

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Basic Rules NMWA
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