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 Mizu Uchiha

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life and death


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PostSubject: Mizu Uchiha   Sat Apr 05, 2014 2:44 am


    Forty One | 41

Biological Gender:
    Male | ♂

    6'4" | 193.04cm

    210 lbs | 95.25kg

    Tall, Strong.

Hair Color:

Eye Color:

Skin Color:
    Tanned white.

Blood Type
    AB Positive.

    Left-Handed | Functioning Ambidextrous.

Tetsuo, Hiroshi

Yondaime Mizukage • 41 • Kirigakure no Sato

'The Power of a Name.'

Given Name:
Hiroshi | 寛
    Hiroshi is a masculine Japanese given name with multiple meanings, dependent on the characters used. 裕 means "abundant". 寛 means "generous, tolerant" and 浩 means "prosperous."

Tetsuo | 哲雄
    Tetsuo is a masculine Japanese name meaning "wise hero" 哲雄 or "wise man." 哲夫.

Nara | 奈良一族
    The Nara clan (奈良一族, Nara Ichizoku) or Nara family (奈良家, Nara-ke) is known for their intelligence, ninjutsu that entails the manipulation of shadows, and tending of deer such as Rikumaru, which graze in a large area of the Nara clan forest.

Uchiha | うちは
    Uchiha is another way of pronouncing "uchiwa" (団扇, fan), which is the Uchiha clan symbol. Uchiwa can be used to fan flames, making the flame hotter — referring to the fact that the Uchiha is a clan of fire techniques users.

Tetsuo, Hiroshi | 寛哲雄
    Hiroshi's first and only real alias and further the only one that has carried some degree of renown through much of his life as a Shinobi. Initially he simply created the false identity as a means to mask the surname he was given at birth and by extension hide his clan abilities. Although the masquerade is meager at best, there are many who believe this to be the male's true name, even after the recent events in which he ascended to the position of Mizukage.

Yondaime Mizukage | 四代目水影
    Having recently ascended to the highest position of leadership in Kirigakure, Hiroshi is known as the Yondaime Mizukage, literally meaning "Fourth Water Shadow".

Kage Boushin | 影兵家
    Literally meaning 'Shadow Tactician', Boushin was a renown title given to Hiroshi during his tenure in the Oinin Butai, a key reference to his tactical abilities and his strategic mindset for both life and combat. Although this title was bestowed upon him during his days as a soldier of the Kirigakure Black Ops group, it became used heavily as the male ascended to the position of leadership over the group of Hunter-Nin.

The Shadow of Oinin Butai |死相 追い忍部隊
    Although this is still considered a renown title, it begins to transcend into a more social title given to Hiroshi by his squad mates during his tenure as a member of Oinin Butai. Its origins stem from a joke brought on by a now deceased squad made obviously referencing the male's skills with the pseudo-Nara clan techniques, but after some time it became another piece of his Bingo Book entry as legends of his exploits grew.

The Red Sage of the Nara Clan | 奈良家哲人
    Despite his dissension away from the structure of the Nara Clan and his inherent unwillingness to be part of the clan, which had caused some hostility between Hiroshi and the rest of his clan he has still become known as the Red Sage of the Nara clan, a renown title which does well to depict the prestigious nature of the Shinobi. The reason for this is not simply for of his unprecedented skill with his own variants of his clan techniques but also because of his extensive knowledge and tactical abilities, both of which are highly honoured traits within the Nara Clan.

'The Power of Perception.'

    Although he professes himself to be a man of both humble origin, it is difficult for many not to be rather intimidated when first being approaching Hiroshi, even if that is never his intention. The man stands at an impressive height of four inches passed the six-foot mark [6'4" | 193.04cm], almost towering over a great deal of the populace of the village in which he makes his home. Although he is quite honestly far older than many of Shinobi, both within Kirigakure no Sato and otherwise, Hiroshi is nothing if not in the peak of his physical condition. Not only does his height allow him a great deal of intimidation, but it is only accentuated by his naturally quite broad build.

    With certain ideologies beaten into his head from a young age, Hiroshi lives and trains under the guidance of one simple idea, his body is his temple. Although it might be taken as a more defining aspect of his personality or being as a whole, it relates to his physicality. From the very beginning stages of his Shinobi training, Hiroshi built up the discipline to train his body to the highest degree disregarding the preconceived conceptions about the physical requirements of his chosen specialities.

    Although he did not choose to devote his life to the study of Taijutsu, thereby exceeding beyond the basic levels of combat martial arts taught in the Shinobi Academy, Hiroshi has always admired those that devote their lives to the more physical arts and thus by extension always sought to mimic their very intensive training routines. With that in mind it is easy to say that Martial Arts have truly been a major influence in Hiroshi's life even if it was not either of his initial focuses of study. As a direct result of his fascination and inspiration, his body does appear to be quite indicative of the standard 'temple' that is a key point of his philosophy towards his physical body.

    Despite his age, the years of intense training have presented Hiroshi's tall and broad form with a well defined armor of muscle. Indeed his physique has been exceptionally-sculpted and well-defined musculature honed from years of enthusiastic physical training to such an extent that it is even quite apparent underneath his uniform or other clothing, giving whatever clothes he chooses to wear the appearance that they might tear if he were to flex in any sort of extensive manner. Although this is not quite something he actually prefers to do.

    Because of both his natural frame and training, Hiroshi is left with a tall and wide frame which is largely different from the lean musculature of your standard martial artist, with his own build being more akin to that of an impressive weightlifter, but still differing in terms of sheer bulk, but rather as the uncontrollable results of his natural bodily shape. Despite his size however, the intimidating male has made sure not to sacrifice any of his inherent speed, using the power within his large form to substitute for the lightness that might be gifted to a smaller opponent.

    That being said, as his age has risen, although doing little to dictate a decrease in his skills, Hiroshi has begun to feign the appearance of weakness whenever he is under the perceptions of others, including the general populous of the village and a large majority of the Shinobi under his command. Proclaiming that his limp is the result of an old war wound, the elder Shinobi looks far less intimidating when walking with a cane.

    Although his body does little to depict himself as such, Hiroshi's face to some degree betrays his natural age to some minor extent. Around his green eyes there exists some small indication of wrinkles, the likes of which are mirrored on his forehead as the result of the sheer amount of stress and strain that comes with the life of a Shinobi. Beyond that the elder Shinobi honestly shows little signs of the fact that he is slowly approaching the fiftieth year of his life (even if he insists he is only nearing forty.) Beyond the small indicator wrinkles, Hiroshi is marked by having a strongly edged face, which is outline, but not softened by his facial hair.

    Although his face in general might only give the slightest of indications to reveal his age, Hiroshi has oft been told that the years of his life are often reflected in his dark green eyes, much like the rings inside a tree.Whilst they are primarily green in color, their hue has been known to shift the slightest at times, ranging from their natural dark, almost forest green, to a slightly lighter hue, but regardless of the color it is often quite easy to tell he hardships of Hiroshi's life simply by taking note of the tiredness held within his eyes. Yet it should be noted that this is not the only thing such eyes might reflect as they are often kind or calm, or perhaps as more of a rarity quite harsh and cold.

    Beyond the stern depiction of his face, Hiroshi is most noticeable by the long straight black hair which he has grown over the years. Matching the same hue of both his eyebrows and facial hair, it extends well past his shoulders, reaching presently to the center of his back. That being said, the elder male, despises having his long hair free to get in his way and about so as a result he wears it most often in tightly bound ponytail, yet despite his best efforts two or three loose strands of his thick hair often fall over his brow. He sports a full Donegal-style beard on his square jaw, only slightly easing the hard edges of his facial structure, the Donegal-style is is a particular style of facial hair that grows along the jawline and covers the chin completely.

    With all the factors in mind, Hiroshi is often seen as a very handsome man, indeed it was how he initially attracted his late wife, but even despite the fact of his marriage, he does not really see himself as an attractive type and often entirely overlooks the facts of physical attractive. In this one manner of many, he is entirely unlike his predecessor.

    As noted by his own humble nature, Hiroshi is hardly a man of pride and it is those aspects of his personality that are reflected into his choices of clothing. Indeed this presents as a further degree of difference between himself and his predecessor the Sandaime Mizukage. Where Inoshi seemed always to embellish himself in the most extravagant and expensive of fabrics, Hiroshi without giving his clothing much consideration dons the type of clothing that seems as if could be bought for some meager sum at a local thrift store. Additionally, although he needs them for no apparent medical reason, Hiroshi wears a pair of sturdy glasses, simply as a matter of vanity as he likes the way they seem to suit his face.

    Most commonly he is likely to adorn himself with a a white dress shirt and tie under a black vest with matching slacks and a simple but worn brown overcoat. In many ways, this style of dress makes him stand out when coupled with his impressive stature, but at the same time, those who witness him in such clothing often overlook him or view him as a commoner of sorts among the populous of Kirigakure no Sato. As stated before, much of Hiroshi's common wear is marred by its tattered and worn appearance despite his position of authority and general excess of available funds. Indeed the white dress shirt and black sacks are the only part of his more common wear that tend to appear as if they are of a more expensive background, with the shirt having not a single stain as a result of the expensive fabric at the time of it's initial purchase and the slacks being of the same characteristics. Beyond that, all of his garments show their age in the faded aspect of their once more vivid coloring.

    Considering his common wear and more so his reasoning behind his choices of clothing, it is quite unsurprising that Hiroshi would likely don much of the same style and condition of clothing when taking his place at a formal occasion, at least in the past. In the present however, due in part because of a need to control the village's perception and in part to a number of protests from the Village council, Hiroshi will now begrudgingly adorn himself with a more expensive suit, albeit still retaining a similar style. A crisp, new and expensive white dress shirt with a high collar. A black vest and pair of slacks made in the same style and color, with his entire outfit accentuated by his only expensive and nice looking tie. In this style of dress, the most notable change is the fact that his old and tattered brown overcoat is done away with and he embellishes himself with a brand new black overcoat with a high collar.

    Amusingly enough, and perhaps having its own roots in his simple tastes, Hiroshi quite honestly despises the overly fanciful traditional Mizukage outfit. Up to this point he has entirely refused to don the very fine silk robe with the Kirigakure no Sato imprint in black and a decoration of a dark blue trim to stand as symbolic representation to the colors of the village. To top it all off there is also the formal Kage head wear which Hiroshi absolutely detests.

    In terms of battle or training, Hiroshi's style of dress differs very little from his normal or casual wear. Now a great deal of people have argued that his choice of clothing is not practical for a Shinobi, but the elder Shinobi is well aware of their arguments and has made adjustments to account for this. Obviously, a Ninja no matter what the occasion or clothing should never be without the tools of their trade; because of this, Hiroshi as sewn a numerous number of hidden pouches and pockets into such suits and jackets to hold his items without making them obvious to an observer or opponent. Now, because he obviously does not expect to go without ever fighting he has made further preparations, hidden within his common clothes. Beneath his dress shirt he always adorns a tank top of varying shades, which will allow him to remove his less battle appropriate battle clothing if ever he found it inhibiting. Additionally, he always adorns a protective wrap covering his knuckles and forearms, even when dressed for a formal occasion.

Forehead Protector:
    At the present time Hiroshi does not don his Hitai-ate. In fact, he has quite honestly refused to wear said Hitai-ate for much of the past several years in Kirigakure. There are a few minor reasons for this, the bulk of which revolve in a simple matter of keeping his identity rather masked. However, the key reason is one that was often seen as quite controversial within the ranks of the village. A number of years ago, around the same time as Inoshi, the Sandaime Mizukage rose to power, Hiroshi refused to don a headband or indeed any gear which might denote the Kirigakure symbol as he believed at the time and indeed his belief only furthered as time went on, that Inoshi was entirely the wrong choice for the betterment of the village. This ideology to some degree continued on even when Inoshi's reign of failure was passed and Hiroshi stepped forward to assume the title of Mizukage. He still believes that to don a village Hitai-ate denotes a degree of both pride and patriotism in the Hidden Village that should not be the primary concern of a Shinobi's lifestyle and interactions.

    In his youth and indeed during a large portion of his life as a Shinobi over the span of his first two decades of life, it was entirely too common for Hiroshi to don his headband in the standard place just on his forehead, edged just slightly into his hairline as it simply seemed the most logical place to the relatively simple man. During his tenure as a member of the Oinin Butai, the Kirigakure Black Ops, his headband was replaced by his Hunter-Nin Mask which in turn was adorned with the symbol of Kirigakure carved into a position on the forehead of the mask. As mentioned above, after his tenure in the Oinin Butai, Hiroshi returned the Hitai-ate to the same placement as he wore in the past, on his forehead. It was during his tenure as leader of the Oinin Butai, the same time in which Inoshi initially rose to power that Hiroshi stopped and subsequently refused to don his forehead protector, which as said above is a habit that extends to the present day.

'The Power of a Mind.'


  • Reading
  • Learning
  • Puzzles and Games
  • Philosophy
  • Sparring
  • Art
  • Any type of food.
  • Needless Violence
  • Following orders without explanation
  • Small talk and pointless conversation
  • Incompetence
  • Discrimination
  • Arrogance
  • A lack of peace and quiet

True Neutral | An Order of Balance
    To simply key Hiroshi's alignment down to a simple set of phrases does not come easily. As a man of many façades and many more obligations, to define him so cleanly within one set group or another would create the most ill perceived picture of his moral scope imaginable. Whilst throughout the course of his life Hiroshi has done his best to serve the Village of Kirigakure, he does not act under the intent to bring his 'home' a greater authority or level of power. Nor, through his allegiance and actions within the the Creed, does he act within the bounds of a more lawful standpoint, to which it becomes clear that to depict him in any set 'lawful' alignment is in fact ill suited. Whilst he may serve the 'law' or act as a leader or figurehead to the authority of the village, it is not truly the established order that he seeks to serve. Hiroshi's only adherence to an ideology of order is in his intent to maintain a balance to the realm. He believe that power should be diverse, if too much of it is held within the grasp of one man or woman then it creates room for corruption. Yet, on the same scheme of things, he does little adhere to the idea of chaos, for it too creates a disparity for equality and allows for a 'he who holds the bigger stick' type of mentality. That being said, although he holds the 'power' of Kirigakure, he does not adhere to his own authority and seeks instead to only act as a guiding force, an engineer for society if you will.

    That being said, the moral ethos that guides his actions is far too flexible to be classed as good, but far too well-intentioned for it it be benefiting of a more evil label. He acts as he believes he is best able to in every situation, bearing in mind as many facets of the said situation as he is able before committing to one course of action or another. Above all else, Hiroshi places the value of the realm itself above his own personal conquests or moral adjudication. In this sense he should be viewed as 'morally grey', but perhaps always 'good' in his intent. However, as they say, good intentions pave the way to hell. With a strict personal code, Hiroshi always endeavours to act in a way that shall not leave him in a disparity of moral consequence, in most actions or situations he will act in a manner that can be perceived as morally 'good'. However, that does not mean that he is squeamish in regards to acting in a more objective moral manner if he must, but it always must be for the 'greater good' or balance of the realm itself.

  • “Rules and responsibilities: these are the ties that bind us. We do what we do, because of who we are. If we did otherwise, we would not be ourselves. I will do what I have to do. And I will do what I must.”

Knowledge is a weapon. I intend to be formidably armed.

Bitches aint shit but hoes and tricks
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life and death


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PostSubject: Re: Mizu Uchiha   Sat Apr 05, 2014 6:49 am

Various Background Information:

Tetsuo, Hiroshi

Yondaime Mizukage • 41 • Kirigakure no Sato

'The Power of the Past'

Role Play Sample:
'The Power of Words.'


Power resides where men believe it resides. No more and no less. A mummer’s trick. A shadow on the wall, but a shadow that can kill.

Bitches aint shit but hoes and tricks
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life and death


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PostSubject: Re: Mizu Uchiha   Sat Apr 05, 2014 8:07 am

Academy Techniques | 忍者学校術:

Uchiha Specific Techniques | うちは特定術:

Non-Elemental Ninjutsu Techniques | 非元素忍術術:

Genjutsu Techniques | 幻術術:

Katon Techniques | 火遁術:

Fūton Techniques | 風遁術:

Kirigakure Specific Techniques | 霧隠れの里術:

Bitches aint shit but hoes and tricks
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PostSubject: Re: Mizu Uchiha   

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Mizu Uchiha
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